Rouge Mountain Mining Group​


Rouge Mountain Mining Group. a United States Arizona  corporation with mine and exploration and development company , is engaged in the acquisition and development of mineral properties , primarily gold silver and other mineral properties (e.g. Copper, Zinc,  Aluminum, etc.).

Currently company has gold conducts exploration for additional mineral resources
(primary focus precious metals) in the US.)

 Three key factors drive the Company:
1.Current operations via JV, start of cash flow
2 gold properties mines.

Expansion with additional rights. Continuous exploration,
testing and acquisition Establishment of network for new projects
Key fundamentals of the Company: acquiring mining rights, initiating processing operations on current rights, revenues, expansion. The internal exploration team and local resources continue to bring new mining sites for testing, evaluation, & acquisition.


Corporate office:
490 Moon Mountain Ave. #11
Quartzsite, AZ 85346